About Ebi Ebi Shrimp Fishing

Ebi Ebi Shrimp Fishing is the first Taiwanese shrimp fishing venue in the United States! We offer our customers the opportunity for a great time shrimp fishing! Are you a beginner or experienced? No problem! Helping people learn how to fish, seeing friends and families spend time together, and creating unforgettable memories for people is what it is all about. NOTHING WILL REEL YOU IN QUITE LIKE SHRIMP FISHING

If you want to eat, you are going to have to earn it. Indoor shrimp fishing is a popular form of entertainment in Taiwan, transforming food into sport. Huddled around a rectangular pool, seasoned anglers and wannabe fishermen attempt to catch the shrimp lurking below. When it comes down to shrimping, you’re submerged in a waiting game for your next meal. An underground urban phenomenon that’s been around for the past three decades, shrimp fishing been gaining traction within tourist circles due to the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Jeremy Lin, Vice Munchies, Sonny of the Best Ever Food Review Show, and the Amazing Race.

It might seem intimidating at first, but getting started is actually quite straightforward. Before you get started there is a waiver to sign, due to the fact the hook is sharp and we want to keep everyone safe. You will then get your miniature rod and bait. We recommend stocking up on drinks and snacks — there’ll be plenty of sitting around doing nothing later, and a beer or soft drink can make all of the difference. Everything is affordable.

Fishing for shrimp is simple enough: you hook your bait and drop your line into the pool hoping for the shrimp to bite. There’s no reel and the line is a finite length. If your bobber goes down, that’ll indicate that a shrimp is biting at your bait and could be time to pull out the shrimp.

Although it looks easy, there is actually quite a bit skill involved and some patience needed. Newcomers may be fortunate to catch 2 or 3 per hour, but you can even go an entire hour without catching a single shrimp! Other experienced shrimp fishers will bring their own equipment and can easily catch 15 or 20 shrimp per hour. A group of young kids were catching shrimp pretty easily, maybe one every 5-10 minutes! Once your shrimp is off the hook, you can throw it in your basket, which should be hanging in the water. Keep an eye on the walls of the pool, as shrimp like to hang out there sometimes — if you’re fast enough you can grab them!

Once your time is up, you return your equipment and decide if you want to take your shrimp home with you or not. If you don’t take them home, you or employees can cook them at the venue for free. Give them a quick wash, and skewer them — while they’re still alive — with a bamboo skewer. Give them a quick roll in salt for seasoning. Then, you can put them on a grill and cook them until they’re nice and hot red. Don’t forget to watch them — they burn fast! The shrimp are absolutely delicious when cooked. Despite being seasoned so simply, they are very flavorful and meaty, and make a great way to end the shrimping experience. Overall, indoor shrimp fishing can be a lot of fun, but also quite an intense experience at times.

While catching shrimp is the goal, it is also a perfect environment for friends and families to socialize. Many people can be seen eating snacks, drinking beer and having a good time with each others’ company. Even Anthony Bourdain, who once tried his hand at shrimp fishing, only caught one. Try not to feel too bad about it. It’s funny, I didn’t think that fishing for shrimp in a concrete pool would be much fun, but it was a blast! It’s something that I would recommend highly to anyone!